Research Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Xenia Kobeleva

I am an assistant professor (tenure track) of Neurostimulation at Ruhr University Bochum's Faculty of Medicine. I am an expert in neurodegenerative diseases and brain modelling and affiliated with several leading brain research institutions, such as UPF’s computational neuroscience lab and the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE).

Being a neurologist and a neuroscientist, I truly identify as a translational neuroscientist. On the one hand, translation means that I take problems that are brought up by clinical practitioners in the hospital and translate them into research questions. On the other hand, translation also means that I take the answers that have been identified in my lab and translate them back to the clinic, so that our research results contribute to improving patients’ lifes.

I am a strong believer in freedom of information in research and strive to bring principles of open science to the clinical research community (making research more reproducible, robust, and inclusive). Furthermore, I am also interested in the digital transformation of healthcare, and how to use tools of medical informatics for the benefit of patients and health-care workers.

    To get acquainted with my individual research contributions, please seeIn addition, you may also

    A non-technical description of my group’s research, addressed to a non-expert audience, is availabe at the non-expert information page and information for German patients can soon be found at the "Patienten-Informations-Seite" (in German language) (under construction).

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